Central Park on Copeland News

September news update

Good afternoon All, 


Now that the Covid levels have reduced, the site has re-opened for construction work and the remaining items for Block H have resumed. 

Plumbers are fitting off their final products, the hard landscaping now complete; with timber fencing going up currently.  We’re looking to book final inspection for these last three townhouses in the next two weeks – weather permitting. 

Agents will contact purchasers to align times for pre-settlement inspections very soon.

We look forward to handing these over to you very soon. 

Many Thanks

The Team at UPLLP


April Drone Footage

April Drone Footage can be accessed here: (Click Here)

February 2021 News Update

We have received Code of Compliance Certification for Block I, and are working through the Practical Completion process this week. We have now passed CCC confirmation on to Block I purchaser’s solicitors.                
We’re expecting receipt of the plumbing and gas certification by the end of this week for Blocks G & J which will enable us to book our final inspection for Blocks G and J. We’ll be in contact with those purchasers via their solicitors as soon as we receive Code of Compliance and Practical Completion sign-off.                                                                                                 
We’ve noted previously that there’s a significant strain on resources and materials in the industry as a whole. Just prior to Christmas our suppliers fell short in terms of the Abodo (timber) and Nuwall (aluminium) cladding for Block H. Unfortunately due to the time of the year this has created delays of getting the extra materials to site. The choice of materials for this development are made to our requirements rather than being bulk materials we can grab off the shelf. We have recently taken receipt of these products and will be turning all of our labour efforts to finishing the cladding to complete the exterior which will allow for council to sign off the work competed.                                                                                                 
The hydroseeding of the new reserve area is being sprayed next week. With a little help from Mother Nature the grass will strike quickly and blend in with the existing reserve area for everyone to enjoy.                        
Thanks for your continued patience. We’re looking forward to completion and getting the remaining purchasers into their new properties as soon as possible.                                                                                                                
February Drone Footage can be accessed here: https://youtu.be/VMbt8H6jn5w

January 2021 News Update

Our contractors have re-started back on-site after some well-deserved time off the tools. Fifteen settlements were completed in December, another three were completed just last week with another one due tomorrow.  We are now lining up another five settlements due to CCC issuing for Block F. Our landscaping team is now working through the patio and pathway areas for Blocks G and J currently, with final inspection due in a couple of weeks for these blocks. Block I is now having kitchens installed, and all townhouses in this block have been painted inside.  Block H cladding and internal building work is nearing completion. This is good progress and we are looking forward to completing the rest of these blocks shortly for all purchasers to move in and enjoy this fantastic development.

Re-shaping works for the reserve area ‘next door’ are progressing further. Once completed occupants at Central Park on Copeland will have a large open space to enjoy, right on their doorstep – and not have to worry about mowing the lawns!

It’s a timely reminder that whilst over half the blocks are now either settled or completed in terms of construction – the rest of the development is still a construction site. We have recently been made aware that purchasers and their families have been entering the site during construction hours as well as weekends. This is not acceptable, and no permission has been provided by any UPLLP employee to enable this. Please do not enter the site at any time. We take this seriously as it compromises our, your and our workers health and safety. Future breaches may result in trespassers being formally trespassed by the Police. Our workers have permission to take and supply photos of anyone that should not be there. Monthly updates and drone footage are provided so that people can see what is happening without anyone going to site.

Thanks for your continued patience. We’re looking forward to completion and getting the remaining purchasers into their new properties as soon as possible.

December 2020 Update

Our first round of settlements have been completed with a third of the townhouses now occupied.  Owner feedback on quality, design and overall ‘feel’ of the development has been extremely positive. We take great pleasure knowing that our product really fits with people’s expectations.

We, like the rest of the industry, are feeling the stretch and strain on resources.  We’re finding that every trade and supplier is in high demand all over the region, so we are doing our utmost to continue on and get the remaining aspects of the project completed – but not forego quality, of course.  We appreciate all future owners want to settle and occupy before Christmas – however, Blocks G, H, I & J will definitely be completed post the Xmas period.

We’re still looking to settle on Blocks D, E and F prior to Christmas – subject to obtaining CCC in the upcoming days.  Our agent will be in contact with these purchasers as soon as CCC issues.  We’re happy to work with purchasers to confirm settlement dates of course.

 Drone footage will be posted up later next week – subject to weather conditions.

September 2020 Update

We have had several purchasers enquire as to specific dates for settlement. We understand that there’s a lot to arrange in terms of terminating tenancies, funding approvals and valuations… the list goes on. It’s important to stress that we too have several things to arrange on our side – Titles (under review at LINZ currently so not far away from issuing. Estimated mid-October), Practical Completion Inspections and Code Compliance Certification – as well as all the other items such as soft landscaping, cleaning etc. So as there’s many variables needed to align so that we can provide a specific date, we thought we would share our estimated (tentative) settlement programme. Please note that this is a tentative programme only, and is dependent on external entities to complete certain aspects for settlement to occur.
October 23rd – 30th : Blocks A, C & F
October 30th – November 6th: Block B
November 20th – 27th: Blocks D, E, G & J
We are pushing to get Blocks H & I completed by the end of the year, however the current programme has them for completion in January 2021. The impacts of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdown has obviously forced a re-calibration to our build programmes.
There are a few purchasers who require an independent valuer to view their future property prior to bank funding being approved. Please contact us on info@urbanplus.co.nz and we can arrange this to occur. Please note that we will only allow valuers access when we feel it is both safe from a construction perspective, and when the property is in a near or fully completed state so that best value is achieved for our purchasers. We only permit valuers access, not purchasers – sorry.
Blocks A & C have practical completion inspections booked for next week, followed by Block B the week after. Block F interiors are all painted, with kitchens now being installed as well. Progress elsewhere is going well – lining, plastering / painting, as well as the hard landscaping works too. We’re also formally setting up the Residents Society – ready for hand over at the completion of settlements.
We look forward to seeing those purchasers attending the ‘Ron Deal Way’ street sign unveiling at Central Park on Copeland at 2:30pm on the 29th October. An invitation has been sent out to each purchaser.
The UPLLP Team

August 2020 Update

Block B purchaser walk-throughs have now been completed. Blocks D & E will commence in the next few weeks.  We really appreciate everyone being so punctual as this really helps keep the construction going on the blocks.  Blocks A, C and F are lined internally and being plastered currently. Blocks D and E are to be gib-lined over these next few weeks.  Our solicitor has applied to LINZ for Titles for the project which is another step forward towards completion.

With the recent elevation in Covid-19 levels both in Auckland and nationwide, it’s a timely reminder that whilst we are looking to have all the homes completed by the end of this year – there is potential for construction to halt due to lockdowns.  We continue to work as quickly, but as prudently, as possible to meet our programme.

August 2020 Drone Footage: https://youtu.be/h_rUI3-1Rjs

July 2020 Update

Purchaser walk-throughs for Blocks A and C are being completed tomorrow.  Feedback has been really positive as to the townhouse layout and size, as well as the general status of the project.  Purchaser walk-throughs for the other blocks are being planned currently, so for those who are yet to attend one, we will be in contact shortly to lock in a date and time.  Several Blocks are now being lined (GIB) internally.  We’ve submitted out engineering documentation to Hutt City Council, and we expect s223/224 sign-off shortly so that we can apply for Titles.

See link below for the updated drone footage taken last week – during the few minutes when the skies had cleared!


June 2020 Update

The weather has definitely turned, with Winter truly upon us.  That hasn’t hindered progress on-site though.  Block H now has full scaffolding in place, trusses and frames up, and the roof is about to go on.  Over at Block I, the roof is on and cladding is about to be added as well over the next two weeks.  We’re pleased with how the different cladding materials throughout the blocks look alongside each other.  Last week we completed our first purchaser walk-through’s for Block F.  Always great to show purchasers the progress we have made.  We’ll continue this process as the other Blocks reach this stage too. 

We can now release the name of the development’s road – Ron Deal Way.  More information in regards to Ron Deal will be provided in the Purchaser’s packs upon settlement.

We’ve taken some drone footage recently, please click on the link below to view the progress.  Another drone footage update will be revealed in early July.   

May 2020 Update

We are back up and running!

With the reduction in COVID-19 levels from 4 to 3, construction has now re-started on-site, with all workers keeping to their team bubbles respectively and adhering to the construction protocols set by the Government.   

Our contractors are putting extra workers on-site and are working six days a week over the next eight weeks to make up for time lost due to the nationwide lockdown. Scaffolding is now up on all but one block, and Block I is now at the ‘ready for roof’ stage.     

April 2020 Update

Due to the nation-wide Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown, we have shut down the site for the interim period. We’re keeping in touch with contractors and suppliers during this time. We acknowledge that these are unprecedented and uncertain times for all involved but want to reassure all our buyers and contractors that we remain ready to restart activities as soon as possible after the current restrictions are lifted.   

March 2020 Update

Progress remains steady on-site.  Despite a small setback from our roofing suppliers, roofs to six blocks have now been completed.  Cladding and the aluminium window joinery is also being installed to these blocks which means we’ll be closed in very shortly to beat the upcoming wintry weather.  The framing to Blocks E and I is now being worked on by the building contractors.


February 2020 Update

All slabs are down!! Our final two foundation slabs are now laid, so the frames are trusses won’t be far away from going up on these two slabs.  Elsewhere on-site, construction is progressing well with the roofs about to go on five of the ten blocks over the next two weeks. 

Our surveyors and solicitors are working together on the survey plan and will submit this to LINZ once the final inter-tenancy parti-walls have been surveyed.

A friendly but very important reminder that this is a construction site, so please do not enter the site at any time whatsoever.  Thank you.

January 2020 Update

Central Park on Copeland is SOLD OUT!!  We congratulate everyone who has purchased a townhouse in this fantastic Central Hutt development.

Our construction crew took a break over the Christmas period but are now back on-site and making excellent progress.  Building on seven of the ten blocks is well underway, with some now at the ready-to-roof stage of the process.  The remaining three blocks will have their concrete slab foundations poured toward the end of January.  Frames and trusses will follow shortly for these blocks. 

If you missed our December update, please see the drone footage by clicking on the link below:

YouTube Drone Footage:  Click Here

December 2019 Update

There’s been good progress on-site over the last few weeks.  The main private road asphalt works have now been completed.  Construction on three blocks continues at a great rate with majority of frames and trusses up on two of these already.

The last townhouse is currently under contract – so the project will no doubt be Sold Out before we break for the Christmas period.

January will see the remaining concrete slabs poured, and the main construction works really kick into full gear in the New Year.

YouTube Drone Footage:  Click Here

November 2019 Update

Only One Townhouse Left!!!

All but one of the thirty four townhouses have now been ‘sold’. We’re excited to see who sweeps up this last one (LOT 32) – and with the interest in it we are confident we’ll be putting up the SOLD OUT sticker on our billboards well before Christmas.

 Check out our compiled drone footage covering the civils works as well as the recent progress in terms of concrete slab and townhouse construction works. We aim to have most of the slabs down before we break for Xmas. Four of the ten blocks have already been laid. Framing has commenced at Block A and F – so townhouse construction progress is well underway.

YouTube Drone Footage:  Click Here

Survey Drone Footage

Check out the survey drone footage of the site (supplied by Cuttriss Consultants). We have progressed further, and looking forward to sharing some more drone footage with you all soon.
View the Drone Footage:  Click Here

October 2019 Update

Despite the inclement weather recently, we have had brilliant progress both on and off site over the last few weeks.

On-site, from a civils and infrastructure perspective, all roading, concrete pedestrian footpaths and streetlight installation has already been completed.  The final sealing of asphalt surfaces will occur shortly – due to weather this has had to be extended.

In terms of dwelling construction, all piling and foundation set-outs have been completed for the townhouses.  Drainage works are also now underway at Blocks A, B and F.

Off-site, we have awarded the construction contracts and locked in the sub-trades so now the build companies are preparing to get on site and start building in November.

There’s now only two townhouses left on the market in the development – Lots 32 and 33.  These three bedroom with single garage townhouses face out onto the Reserve area, and will get fantastic sun during the day.  Call Linette Bradbrook on 021 225 6453 to secure one of the remaining options here at Central Park on Copeland. 

September 2019 Update

Early September brings the approval for all Building Consents.  We’re also about to lock in our building companies for the townhouse construction shortly which means we’ll see much more progress on the site in the upcoming weeks.  The test piling for the majority of blocks has also just been completed – so the main piling works will now commence.

A couple more sales have occurred over the last week, which means there’s only one 2 bedroom and two 3 bedroom townhouses left.

Better call our agent Linette Bradbrook on 021 225 6453 or email her: linette@redcoats.co.nz to secure one of the last few townhouses remaining.

August 2019 Update

Taking shape! The weather has not been advantageous for all civils roading and infrastructure work going on at Central Park on Copeland.  However, most of the kerbing and footpath is now installed and we have the car parking bays laid as well.  Gas, power, main telecom line and the ‘three waters’ are now all in.  So are the underground storm water detention tanks too.  Our civils contractors are now preparing the roadway for their final finishes which really starts to make the site change shape.

This week should also see the final building consent be approved from Hutt City Council – which is fantastic progress.

The slab foundation areas are also now being prepared for the main piling and dwelling construction aspects to commence early to mid-September. 

July 2019 Update

Great news!  We have received the first of our Council approved Building Consents, with the others to follow shortly.  Our civils team has now installed the kerb and channeling for the majority of the development so the on-site works above ground are really starting to take shape.  We’re looking to have the civils works completed by the end of August, which is good news for the dwelling construction aspect that will commence around the same time / early September.

If you are in the market for something special in an amazing central Hutt location, then call Linette Bradbrook on 021 225 6453 or email her: linette@redcoats.co.nz.

June 2019 Update

Good progress has been made again over the last few weeks which is really pleasing to see.  We’ve submitted our Building Consents to the local authority which should be granted in early July. Once we have that we also aim to appoint our construction team who will undertake the building of the townhouses.

Linette still wants to hear from you if you are interested in purchasing one of the few remaining townhouses.  You can contact her on 021 225 6453 or email her: linette@redcoats.co.nz.

May 2019 Update

With the change of seasons its starting to get a bit chilly these days isn’t it?  Well that hasn’t stopped our civils contractors continuing on full-steam ahead down on-site.  They’ve powered through their first four weeks and have made great progress.

We’ve had another Lot go under contract so that means that there’s only five left.  Better contact our agent Linette if you are “um-ing” and        “ahh-ing” about this development.  Secure one of the last ones today by contacting her on 021 225 6453 or email her: linette@redcoats.co.nz.

Go on, you deserve to be part of something special!!!

April 2019 Update

With Resource Consent granted, we have contracted Groundworks Ltd to undertake the civils, roading and infrastructure aspects of the development project.  They have already made a great start, and will be on-site for the next 4 months. We’ve erected perimeter fencing around the site, so whilst you may be keen to see what’s happening and how progress is going, please ensure you stay out of this construction site area at all times.  We will start posting images on the website of how everything is progressing at Central Park – so you can check in on things there.

We’ve also submitted Building Consent drawings to Hutt City Council which is another great phase to have reached.  In addition to that, we have sent out our construction tender documentation to several companies to provide pricing back to us.  We should get this back in early to mid-May.

We are now well over 80% “SOLD” for this development – which speaks volumes about the Development and the product that is being offered here.  We’re more than positive that Central Park on Copeland will sell out shortly – so if you haven’t been in touch with our agent Linette to secure one of the last remaining townhouses, better call her quick on: 021 225 6453 or email her: linette@redcoats.co.nz.

March 2019 Update

Only 7 left!!!  The market has spoken, and we continue to smash through sales at Central Park.  There’s only seven left so be in quick before we put up the SOLD OUT sign!

Contact our agent, Linette at Redcoats, on 021 225 6453 or email her: linette@redcoats.co.nz.

We have approval!

Resource Consent has now been granted by the local authority so we are now locking in our civils contractor.  Works will commence mid-April, with contractors working through the mid-year period, and aiming to complete works in August.

Our architects are feverishly working through the working drawings now, and looking to submit Building Consents in April/May.

Exciting times ahead for all those involved with Central Park on Copeland.

February 2019 Update

Wow! We should have called this development ‘Like Hot Cakes’ – because that’s how fast we’re selling these townhouses.  They have only been on the market for about a month and we’re almost all Sold Out.  Currently there’s fifteen of the thirty-four sold and ten under offer.

Make sure you follow us on our Facebook or Instagram pages “Central Park On Copeland” for further updates.  As construction progresses, we’ll provide updates via these forms of social media.  You can keep track of progress as easy as that.

We’re sure we don’t have to remind you but if you have any interest in securing one of these townhouses – we really recommend getting in touch quickly with our agent, Linette at Redcoats, on 021 225 6453 or email her: linette@redcoats.co.nz.

The proof is in the pudding – Fifteen already sold, and less than ten remain available. These are selling out fast – so don’t delay!


January 2019 Update


“Flying out the door!!!!” – that’s what our agent said when we returned from the holiday period.

In only a few weeks of launching the website, TradeMe and social media posts, just over half of these townhouses are under contract.  It’s a fantastic response from a market of discerning buyers who are seeking a good buy in Central Hutt.

We are close to a decision on our Resource Consent application, which means that locking in the civils and infrastructure works is also not far away.  And that means exciting times down on-site when the diggers start rolling in.

If you have any interest in securing one of these townhouses – we really recommend getting in touch quickly with our agent, Linette at Redcoats, on 021 225 6453 or email her: linette@redcoats.co.nz. These are selling out fast – so don’t delay!

December 2018 Update

Planning Stage

We’re away!  The proposed Central Park on Copeland is our next exciting medium density residential development. The location is fantastic – so close to a wide range of amenities on the valley floor.

Our in-house team and our consultants have worked extremely hard over the recent months to submit our Resource Consent application into Hutt City Council.  We’ll await the outcome of the regulatory process and, all things going well, aim to get our civils progressing early in the New Year.

We’ve looked at configuration, density, materials, site layout, landscaping, engineering, privacy (for both owners and existing neighbours), traffic, internal layout, sun-shading…… you name it, we’ve addressed it.

As developers with a social conscience, we know how hard it is to get onto the property ladder these days – and as such, we’re releasing at least ten townhouses at $550,000.  Purchasers of these townhouses will have to be owner-occupiers intending to live at Central Park on Copeland for at least the first two years.  It’s a great opportunity to secure your first home, downsize or simply get into a boutique, architecturally designed development in Central Hutt.  Subject to the outcome of the consenting process, we’re looking forward to bringing these products to market, and getting into the civils and construction phases as soon as possible.

Our lead agent Linette Bradbrook from Professionals can be contacted on:

Cellphone:  021 225 6453

Email: linette@redcoats.co.nz